The Yoga of Business

Satyachetana Publications, Inc. 

Satyachetana Publications, or “SatPub,” was founded in 2004 as the publishing wing of the Satyachetana Movement.  The company’s mission is to contribute to the spread of Truth-consciousness by publishing the works of spiritual masters, devotional CD’s, spiritual research, and related projects. 

From its simple beginning as four people, three computers, and a collection of transcribed talks of a spiritual Master, the company rapidly transformed into a stock corporation owned by an international group of shareholders, with headquarters in Napa, California and an ever-growing catalogue of products in multiple languages, marketed globally via this online store,, wholesalers, and other channels. 

A Yogic Corporation

SatPub operates as a yogic corporation, applying spiritual principles to the world of commerce.  The Board of Directors acts with a conscious and concerted effort to practice the yoga of business, rather than engage in the business of yoga.  Every year the company has paid a shareholder dividend greater than that of the S&P 500, but SatPub’s purpose is not to maximize material profit.  Rather, the company aims to deliver infinitely greater value to its shareholders and the world, by helping to transform consciousness.  

It is unlike any other company, and any other publisher.  Regardless of the marketing potential of a proposed project, SatPub will only publish works that may help in the expansion of spiritual awareness.  Not only does SatPub integrate yogic principles with modern corporate fundamentals, it also provides aspiring yogis with an opportunity to ascend.  In the words of Swami Sri Atmananda:

Without material support, a yogi cannot enter into samadhi.  His body needs to be sustained.  Without material support, an enlightened master cannot also expand his mission.  But money and matter now are fully contaminated by the forces of ego and karmic trap.  So when we are talking of manifesting a mission of Truth-consciousness, we must also create avenues for spiritually awakened people to protect the matter that they have, and also to ensure their needs are met for their own sustenance and maintenance. 

This is the reason I felt the need to create an organization that would be managed by yogis, managed by enlightened beings, and it will handle the money of awakened individuals, which will be utilized exclusively for the purpose of divinizing consciousness.  This is the noblest aim behind creation of a business organization.