Foundation Course on the Yoga of Bhagavad Gita: PDF "E-book"

Foundation Course on the Yoga of Bhagavad Gita: PDF "E-book"

Part Number:AEB-DM FC

A self-study course by Swami Sri Atmananda, covering the salient features and inner meanings of each chapter of the Gita. Includes test questions on every chapter, plus audio CD's of Swamiji chanting the whole Gita.

***This is an electronic PDF version, which can be read on computers, iPads, Kindle3, and other devices.  (For Kindle 1 and 2, a simple conversion is required.)  The PDF file includes a live table of contents which allows one to easily navigate the course, and search for terms within the material.***

From the Introduction: "The purpose of this Gita course is to give to mankind a yogic interpretation of the wisdom of Gita, the eternal scripture. Every age has its own interpretation of Gita which reveals itself during every transition in accordance with the needs of the time. Mankind is entering a new era wherein the emphasis will be on Truth consciousness. Because in the present era the emphasis has centered on material consciousness, a model is needed to guide mankind in the new era when the collective consciousness of man on earth will be turned towards Truth. Gita is that ideal which can reveal to the entire humanity a defined path to follow."

"Gita is not a book of theoretical wisdom. It is a scripture of practical living... Introducing this course is not for money, for name, or for power, but is simply a result of an intense need for some seekers who may be actually crying for the light as I was crying." (Swami Sri Atmananda)