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Om Namo Bhagavate

Satyachetana Publications ("SatPub") is the publishing wing of the Satyachetana Spiritual Movement. 
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It is the dark night of the soul’s evolution.  The darkness that you are now witnessing is not the darkness of the midnight; it is the darkness before the dawn.  And remember, it is the darkest hour before dawn.  That is why you should not be frightened with this darkness, because the dawn is approaching.  And after the dawn, there will be sunrise.  You have to remember this, and you have to consciously collaborate.

Only one who is liberated can consciously collaborate with the Supreme for manifesting the next phase of evolution.  This is what I am doing now.   I am neither perpetuating the survival of the present evolution, nor I am struggling to demolish the negativities of the present evolution.  I am not doing either of these.   I am simply working to manifest the new evolution, the new consciousness that is approaching.  That new consciousness is the consciousness of Truth.  The present consciousness is the consciousness of half-truth. It is the twilight, half-truth.

Because this is the consciousness of half-truth, that is why you all are having this dual term of relative versus absolute.  The term absolute is gaining importance to some because they are in the relative.  But what I am talking of is not to be understood in this duality.  It is a new consciousness and that is what I call Truth-consciousness or cosmic consciousness.  Above the unity and higher than the relativity is the consciousness that I am referring to as the Truth-consciousness or cosmic consciousness.

Swami Sri Atmananda, 1 February 2006

The Vision
The present cycle of evolution has reached its zenith and Mother Prakriti is now struggling to bring in a new species to this planet, the spiritual man, who will actively collaborate with the forces of evolution to manifest a new consciousness on earth.   In her struggle to work through the present transition, Mother Prakriti is targeting spiritually-awakened human beings to collaborate with her as independent channels for manifesting Truth.

After realizing his oneness with God, Swami Sri Atmananda felt the inner prompting to collaborate with Mother Prakriti to bring in a rapid transformation of human consciousness.  He realized that man is not the root cause of the chaos at the present time.   It is the result of an intervention by the cosmic force to work out the new equilibrium in the evolutionary plane.  This can be achieved through conscious collaboration of human beings who are open to the cosmic force and are willing to work for Mother Prakriti.

To manifest the spiritual vision of Swami Sri Atmananda, two organizations were created, Divine Mission (DM) and Satyachetana International (SCI).   Divine Mission was established in 1996 to guide awakened seekers to the state of highest spiritual realization.  SCI, founded in 2001, supports the overall expansion of the movement and aims to manifest through life the highest truth that has been realized at the individual level.  This can be achieved through the Yoga of Action.  

To further expand yogic action and support the mission, Satyachetana Publications (“SatPub”) and the University of Spiritual Research (USR), a non-profit charitable organization, were founded in 2004.  Other organizations based in India are also in operation: Satyachetana Educational Trust, Satyachetana Business Foundation, PVT, LTD, and two Satyachetana Ashrams. 

Working together, these organizations strive for a rapid transformation in the consciousness of humanity to facilitate the evolution of the spiritual man and the era of Truth on earth.  

“The mission of God is manifested only when the collaborator is ready.” -- Swami Sri Atmananda

The Concept
Satyachetana is a Sanskrit word that stands for Truth-consciousness, meaning, to experience the Truth in consciousness and to manifest Truth through action.  This concept is above and beyond “Truth” or “consciousness” taken alone.  Truth-consciousness is the manifestation of the realization of Absolute awareness.  Satyachetana is Sat, or Truth, and chit, or consciousness, taken together as one dynamic reality.

Sri Atmananda realized God as Truth and works for manifesting his realization through knowledge and love.  Though many call him Swamiji or Bhagavan, Sri Atmananda never uses these terms while referring to himself.  Always he says, “I am a human being who has established his permanent link with Supreme and I am working consciously to manifest God’s mission on earth.”

Sri Atmananda says, “Satyachetana did not come from my mind.  It is a realization from my heart. It is a mantra and it carries force.  If one cannot do anything else, simply if one chants the mantra, ‘Satyachetana,’ the force will be transmitted.”

Biography of Swami Sri Atmananda
Born in a rural village in Orissa, India, in 1953, Sri Atmananda was exposed to the traditional teachings from childhood.  Early on, he showed a pull to spiritual life and soon became linked with the master whom he considers as his guru, Thakura Nigamananda. 

After completing his educ
ation in the material field at the most reputed institutions in India, he entered into material and social life, which lasted for barely 10 years.  During this time, his aspiration intensified, he practiced and experimented with the principles of Gita, and sadhana deepened.   The prompting to pursue his own path independent of any physical master came to him while serving the most renowned yogi, His Holiness Maharshi Mahesh Yogi.   That prompting led him to travel all over India and meet many masters.  The journey culminated at Pondicherry where he surrendered to the Mother.  The Mother guided him to a cave in the holy mountain Arunachala, where, in 1993, he attained the culmination of his sadhana.  After remaining in the state of pure nirvikalpa for several days, he regained his awareness and came to the world carrying the consciousness of aham brahmosmi (“I am the Brahman”), the unity consciousness that enables the yogi to consciously carry the guru-shakti.

Sri Atmananda’s first spiritual work as a master started in 1993 and after 2000 he began to expand the mission and gave the call for manifestation.  His primary residence is at Satyachetana’s main ashram at the foot of Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.   His work encompasses the yoga of Bhagavad Gita, and Veda.  At present, he travels all over the globe to show to mankind this path of yoga and revive the pure wisdom that has been lost in the ages.  

Our mission is to manifest Divine.   Manifesting Divine means to manifest Knowledge through action, manifest Love through reaction, and manifest Truth through interaction.  How to manifest knowledge through action?  Knowledge can be manifested through action if actions are yogic action.  How to manifest Love through reaction?  Love can be manifested through reaction when through our reactions we win an opponent and make him feel our love, our concern for him, without injuring his/her self-love or individual dignity.   Truth can be manifested through interaction when our response produces the force of transmission and enables the recipient to move/experience a higher state even in waking consciousness.

Swami Sri Atmananda, 11 February 2004

Let Truth alone manifest.